Pressure Washing

Oil & Gas Washing Services

Our crews have the experience to safely and efficiently wash a variety of equipment found within the oil and gas industry. Some equipment our crews have washed include, but are not limited to, frac tanks, rigs, and rig mats. Our crews can handle themselves or work side by side with your current vendor to help get the job done quicker.

Rig Washing

We offer full rig clean-ups in preparation for rig moves.

Mat Washing

Whether you have a small spill contained to a few of your mats, or you are looking to relocate the mats to a new location, our crews are trained to clean spills or even disassemble, wash, and load rig mats.

What our crews do

We remove debris to allow mats to be stacked safely on trailers to be moved to the new site. We remove any contamination on the mats by scraping, scrubbing, and washing them.

Why should you wash your mats?

Tank Cleaning

Zone X Services provides tank cleaning services for many areas in Northeast and Western regions of PA. Whether you are looking to relocate your tank to a new pad or store it for later use, our experienced wash crews know what it takes to get your tanks cleaned safely and efficiently to keep your operation on track.

Types of tanks we clean


Wash Trailer


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